Battle of the frizz : Part 2

Battle of the frizz

I bought the GHD Oracle as mentioned in Battle of the frizz (link above for blog) .

I regularly have a very bouncy blow wave done with brushes by my hairdresser and it’s hard to recreate a brushes blow wave with a curling device like a GHD wand, straighter or oracle or the likes of other brands. The GHD Oracle comes with a free tuition from place of purchase. I have mine booked in but yet to have it.

I have however been experimenting with my oracle. Let me say, it’s ok, hmmm just. I get a messy curl, partly because I am still not sure what I’m doing. I’m interested to see how my tutorial goes and whether the hairdresser can create a brush curl look. I think I’m getting between a ‘beach hair’ and ‘blow out’ look. Click on the link below for the different looks you are suppose to be able to achieve with the GHD Oracle.

My hair after the blow wave settles and falls into this type of curl below often which I like.

I’m looking to get something from my hair device that represents the above.

I’m on a holiday at the moment so brought my blowwaver and brush, the oracle and the L’Oreal steam pod. Remember in my previous post I mentioned the Steampod was good for prevention of frizziness in humidity as opposed to a GHD. Being away in a humid climate I thought it was a good opportunity to put the Steampod to the test.

I brought all three devices because at home if going out I default to the hairdresser because I know I get a great hair day each time. But whilst away I don’t feel like paying $65 – $100AU to get an average blow wave. Believe me when I say there’s blow waves and there’s blow waves! Therefore I’m more persistent to try the devices I have.

Firstly yesterday I persisted and tried with the roller brush and hairdresser pins. However it was harder than I imagined to roll up the curl and then to not get it tangled in the brush when drying the next piece of sectioned hair. I think I was getting the hang of being able to dry my hair to a smooth consistency and would like to get a few more brushes to attempt a brushes blow wave. My hairdresser winds each dried section of the hair around a brush and leaves in my hair like a hot roller then at the end of the blow dry and 10 brushes later, wello, magnificence ! I need more brushes to attempt that, so I had a go with the clips.

Image from internet of example

If I could master rolling and clipping I think I could get a satisfactory result however it took me way longer that it should of to do and after 3/4 of the way through I switched to the Oracle to finish off and see how that would go. Once again I got a messy curl which may be all it can achieve but it isn’t the type of curl I’m trying to achieve.

I finished feeling disappointed and ready to book into a local hairdresser here on my vacation the next day. I woke and most of the curl had dropped out. With my hairdresser blow wave my hair can last 4-7 days depending if it needs a wash.

As my hair had pretty much dropped out after literally a good couple hours the night prior doing my best attempt I decided to give the Steampod a go and see if this no frizz thing is a real deal. Even with the GHD straightener when in Hong Kong my hair just frizzed up with the humidity as seen in the previous blog.

I have used the Steampod 2-3 times at home. I like it better for straightening results to the GHD. It straightens well like the GHD but quicker and gives your hair a soft feel but I’ve never really tried it in a humid environment.

I can assure you that it works NO FRIZZ even after being out and about all day. Out of all my devices this gave me the best curl. I had only ever completely straightened my hair with this device but this time I rotated it as I pulled it through my hair and I achieved a nice curl.

The curl did drop as opposed to my professional blow waves but if going out I could at least get a night out of it.

End result with the L’Oreal Steampod
Hair after being in a humid climate. Frizz still kept happily at bay.
Day 2, frizz still under control but curl dropped out .

Unless after my GHD Oracle tuition I achieve better results and unless I can perfect a brush blow wave myself to a satisfactory degree, the Steampod is my choice despite it’s extra bulkiness to pack due to the pod that holds the water for steaming, and will be my choice of device to travel with when I can’t get to my hairdresser for my weekly blow wave.

L’Oreal Steampod
Example of before and after with the Steampod

I will keep you posted on how I go with my GHD Oracle tuition and the brushes between now and heading to Europe next March. Those who have read to the end of this blog, may be those who understand the struggle of curly or frizzy hair. It’s a real thing isn’t it!

Love Lucy x

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