5 things that have been positives and negatives whilst in forced isolation when on holidays in COVID19 times.

Negatives 1. Not having freedom to leave the house if I wanted to due to restrictions on where you should be, what’s essential ? Not a lot. 2. Not seeing family and friends in person. Zoom just doesn’t hit the mark. Being in someone’s physical presents gives and energy that can’t be replicated through a... Continue Reading →

7 Online Purchases I’ve Made Whilst Self Isolating

When you can’t socialise in person and connecting on a screen your own face seems to be something you see a lot more of, and with so much more time to on screens to look at new things, I’m now exploring new found interest in stuff I never normally have the patience nor time for. Make up! But I’m embracing it. Enjoying it even.

Let’s Hope The Scientists Have Got This Right.

It’s unprecedented times. There’s going to be a massive economic fallout from this pandemic of COVID 19, so I hope the scientists got this right. Ted and I had quite a robust discussion on this tonight. He’s a financier. A business man, he knows his stuff when it comes to money. He thinks there will... Continue Reading →

When the World is fighting the same enemy, COVID-19

The current world health crisis, COVID-19 has been gathering traction but it seems since the World Health Organisation called this a pandemic there has been an escalation unprecedented in governments all over the world enacting restrictions to try to control the damage this virus has and its potential to unleash on us. It is important... Continue Reading →

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