When death comes knocking at your door on some idle Tuesday afternoon.

At 32 and a mum of young children you shouldn’t be at a funeral directors choosing what clothes to bury your husband in or standing in a room of caskets deciding which to buy to lay him to rest in. This is my story of how I came to be in this moment and my journey with grief. I hope one day if my kids ever want to know more detail about what happened they read this. This is also for them. Who knows when or if the time will ever be right for them to read this.

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Photographs From a Mans Life. That man was my step-dad.

My mum and stepdad new each other in the 70’s. This was a time when instant cameras were becoming popular. People still took their photo reels to the chemist to have them printed or put into slide format to be viewed via a projector. The slide format becoming less popular as the instamatic photo allowed... Continue Reading →

What’s Cooking

What was being cooked in my kitchen today? Some really good stuff. I love cooking from scratch with real food, no pre made factory jarred sauces from the supermarket. Keeping my food as preservative, and chemically free as possible. Today I started breakfast with a Banana and almond smoothie. 1/2 a banana, almonds, vanilla organic... Continue Reading →

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