When death comes knocking at your door on some idle Tuesday afternoon.

At 32 and a mum of young children you shouldn’t be at a funeral directors choosing what clothes to bury your husband in or standing in a room of caskets deciding which to buy to lay him to rest in. This is my story of how I came to be in this moment and my journey with grief. I hope one day if my kids ever want to know more detail about what happened they read this. This is also for them. Who knows when or if the time will ever be right for them to read this.

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Going from no exercise at all to a 3 month diet for a wedding, to a complete lifestyle change and climbing a mountain.

A lifestyle change is making a choice to live differently and to live that way until conscious choices become habit. Until the conscious effort becomes your new normal. Once that is achieved then you have achieved a new lifestyle and for me a healthier way to live. But like anything it’s progress not perfection whilst never giving up. How did I do that and how am I going now? Read this blog and see how.

You aren’t getting any taller, suck it up princess!

At 156cm or 5'1" I can say from experience the length of pants and skirts must be made for the shortest height of 5'3" or 5'4". Clothes are always that 2-3 inches to long. The difference between an awkward ankle length or that nice just above the ankle length. As a result, almost every item... Continue Reading →

Invitations and the Modern Society Response. Does ‘our word’ still have the same meaning!

Today Rupert hosted his annual tabletennis tournament,The Emmett Cup . He has been doing this for 10 years now. Being a family that has always enjoyed the tennis, Rupe decided to have a few mates over one day during the Australian Open for a table tennis tournament just for a bit of fun. Since then he... Continue Reading →

Married At First Sight – My Take on it.

Married at First sight or those who are viewers may refer to as MAFS. It's a television show about people who get married at first sight and is advertised as a social experiment. They get dressed in all the wedding formality, arrive at a location, meet their husband or wife to be and participate in... Continue Reading →

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