20 Years of Grief and Freeing Myself .

There’s never a timeline on when you have grieved enough but there came a time for me that I had to let go, to free myself of the all to familiar pain of loss. A pain that haunted my life and that I carried for 20 years. It’s time for me to set myself free. Free to live without the weight of grief and to enjoy the future with a lighter heart. I made a conscious decision to let go.

The Elixir Of Youth

Menopause isn’t something women talk to each other about & we need to. A 2002 American based study that conclusions were incorrectly reported has left a generation of women suffering menopause symptoms unnecessarily. This is my story and what the most recent peer review has concluded on a study that sent fear through a generation of doctors and women. Don’t miss your window of time to gain the maximum overall health benefits of hormone replacement therapy.

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