When a podcast for Coronavirus becomes your daily listening.

Another 24 hours passes, I wake early and one of the first things on my mind is, ‘what is the latest Corona virus update’ particularly in Europe. Slowly my mind accepts our current situation. I have no choice, I must. I clear my head and try to consider my options. I’m conflicted with my level... Continue Reading →

Travelling on the brink of a Pandemic

A colourful microscopic image of the COVID-19 virus. A new strain of the Coronavirus, that gives flu like symptoms and has the world on the brink of a pandemic 2 weeks before I board a plane from Australia, and fly into Rome. This threatens to disrupt a trip of a lifetime. It has myself and many other anxious about their travel. What to do is the question? What are the risks? How will it affect our travels? Will we die? Or will we be quarantined?

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