When Your Travel Dreams Feel like they are being Shattered

The Coronavirus. COVID-19 is wreaking havoc with our travel plans. We’ve been hopeful very hopeful that by some miraculous way it would be under control by the time we are to leave.

It’s not naivety, it’s accepting that a situation is out of your control and exercising calm and patience. Not panicking and rushing decisions, being informed and staying abreast of the situation. Having a plan B. Knowing what you have to gain or lose financially.

We have kept ourselves informed and each day as the media reports more cases and deaths and Italy’s situation worsening, until tonight the travel advice by the Australian Government Safe Travellers site was advising to exercise a high level of precaution in Northern Italy and usual precautions throughout the rest of Italy.

Our dream hearts where still pulsating until we heard whilst watching the evening news, one of our fears come to light. Italy’s Prime Minister announced a Coronavirus quarantine affecting about a quarter of the country and 16 million people.

Milan and Venice are two of the quarantined cities that are on our itinerary. Venice is the big one for us as this is where we are planned to board the Orient Express and celebrate Ted’s birthday. Our hearts sank. This is to be one of the highlights of our trip. We have hoped against hope that it wouldn’t be affected. There is some glimmer of hope still. The media reports that this quarantine of no one in or out, except emergency services, is until at least the 3rd of April 2020. We will miss going to Milan. We had planned to arrive in Milan on the 3rd of April then arrive in Venice on the 6th.

It’s awful, it’s our excitement, our trip falling apart. I honestly feel almost like crying. It isn’t all about the money, it’s mostly about the shattering of expectation and longing for the day we board the plane and head off on our holiday. Somewhere we both have never been before.

I’m holding on to that last glimmer that the authorities will reopen Northern Italy and that the Orient Express will go ahead as planned.

Love Lucy x

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