Maternity care for the disabled.

I've been a Registered Midwife for 30 years. I trained in a world leading tertiary obstetric and gynaecology hospital. I'm fortunate to live in a country that has a health system that offers government-funded healthcare to every citizen. In 1984 the Australian Prime Minister John Howard introduced Medicare which enables every Australian universal healthcare. This... Continue Reading →

Along came Jane

Jane is a delightful vivacious young women. Her thick blonde naturally curly hair which she nearly always wears straightened frames her fair skinned round face. She has a nice tall slim physic. She is the younger sister of Rupert and an older sister to Archie. The middle child. Many years prior at my nieces christening,... Continue Reading →

I want to talk about my daughter but this happened first.

My second pregnancy was a very planned pregnancy. I had conceived so easily the first time I was careful not to conceive again until we were absolutely ready for a second child. I wanted a three-year difference between my children. That usually meant the youngest would be out if nappies and a little more independent... Continue Reading →

Adolescents, Young Adults, Illicit Drugs, Alcohol, Gambling and Tobacco. Keeping our kids alive.

Sometime kids from good homes get caught up in these soul destroying monsters. Great parents and good kids can find themselves in this world. The world of addiction. Illicit drugs, gambling, alcohol, tobacco. Throughout my career I have seen how addiction has ruined lives, not only the person addicted but their friends and families as... Continue Reading →

Holidaying in Cottesloe

Summer holidays in Western Australia has become a  regular date marked on our January calendar since meeting Ted. His family lives there and he himself is a Sandgroper. It's the colloquial name given to people from the west. Those from New South Wales are affectionatley known as Cockroaches, Queenslanders - Banana Benders, South Australians -... Continue Reading →

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