5 things that have been positives and negatives whilst in forced isolation when on holidays in COVID19 times.


1. Not having freedom to leave the house if I wanted to due to restrictions on where you should be, what’s essential ? Not a lot.

2. Not seeing family and friends in person. Zoom just doesn’t hit the mark. Being in someone’s physical presents gives and energy that can’t be replicated through a screen.

3. Having to readjust to not having access to self grooming services and being forced to morph into a different you in physical appearance. Self grooming at home seems so much more time consuming. Normally I have my weekly or monthly visit to beauty salons, a professional does their thing, great sorted!! I walk out feeling good until next time. Now I’m trying to make the best of what I have without the skill and know how. It’s suboptimal thus I’m having suboptimal results. Most days I feel a mess.

4. Due to supermarket food restriction my normal food intake has been disrupted. No online ability for ordering as its being used only for the elderly or high needs population in society and shelves empty of many foods I would like to purchase.

5. My holiday to Europe being cancelled due to the pandemic. Today I would’ve been in Bamberg Germany!!


1. With nowhere to be I’m feeling strangely free. No pressure to get up, get ready and get out the door, no alarm just waking up every day, day after day when I want to. That is bliss for me.

2. Forced change has given me an opportunity to see how important self grooming achieved by professionals is to me. Will I go back to their service when this is over? Saving money is a bonus.

3. Time to find new interests even if minor. Time to explore and re think hobbies. I’m finding that really enjoyable and refreshing.

4. The world being united over something rather than politicians bickering and journalist constantly reporting on a this. I’d rather listen to the news on how we are trying to manage COVID19 as a human race than who hates who in the world. At least we are all working together for the same thing, life as we know it.

5. I’ve given myself permission, now I know that sounds silly, but literally permission to not be as health conscious with my eating. I’ve been having ice-cream almost everyday and instead of my stricter microbiome positive, chemical free, low carbohydrate diet I have started ordering Hello Fresh which is wonderful but does have load more carbs and cream and sugar than I have eaten in a long time. Mind you I could choose the healthier meals but I’m going for the heartier meals. Health v Hearty.

Love Lucy x

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