Battle of the frizz

I have a weekly blow wave it’s my treat to myself. It’s a luxury I budget to be able to have. My wonderful mum always had a weekly Saturday morning appointment at the hairdressers and it seems I have taken after her.

There’s times I want to freshen my hair because it’s just dirty or I have somewhere to go and can’t get to the hairdressers or I am on holidays. As much as I love my hair stylists Mel and Andrew, I can’t afford to take them on holidays with me.

I’m always looking for that hair device that will help tame my hair when I can’t get Mel and Andrew to do their magic!

Above – Fresh blow wave by Andrew, colour by Mel.

Excuse the silly filter below, but this is my natural hair, this is what I’m dealing with guys!

I have been keen to buy a GHD Oracle, it looks amazing.

I have the platinum GHD which retails for around $345AUD. I have never been able to master curls on this. I’m just no good at styling my own hair.

When I travel to humid climates, despite straightening my hair it frizzes up. On my last humid destination, Hong Kong I had a massive battle with frizz and I thought after many times holidaying in humid climates there must be a better way.

This is my hair straightened with a GHD – no humidity.


in the humidity it looses the sleek look and ends up with the frizziness. The fringe kinks and I just don’t like it.

At the Hong Hong Races
Holidaying in China

As a result my hair ends up in plats and the need to wear a cap on holidays.

My hairdresser recommended the L’Oréal Steampod straightener. This has been good. It’s quick and makes your hair feel really soft and works just as well as a GHD to straighten frizzy hair. They are supposed to be better at tackling the frizz problem over conventional hair straighteners which I haven’t yet had a chance to test in a humid climate. They somehow lock the moisture into your hair shaft so it doesn’t respond the same to humidity- I think.

It doesn’t show in this photo but it has quite a cumbersome lead to the pod where the water goes for the steam and the power cord so not as convenient for travel. But as a hair straightener I prefer it over my GHD now.

This is mine. As you can see the steam cord it thicker and not very pliable. You can’t wrap it around the straighter like you can with a GHD for packing

Below is my hair straightened with the Steampod

I have looked at the Dyson Air Wrap, but the $799AUD price tag held me back and the packaging was huge and I was concerned that may be too bulky to travel with.

As I have gotten older I feel straight hair looks harsher on me and that a bit of curl softens my face a little. I have the cloud 9 hot roller O Pod which retails for approximately $530AUD.

This is great if I want to freshen up my blow wave after a couple days but it doesn’t work going from scratch. I can’t dry my hair and get rid of the frizz like a hair dresser can so it just ends up a curly fuzzy mess, and if I straighten it with the GHD or steam pod it won’t curl despite the hot roller. It also is big and cumbersome to travel with. But if you do like the idea of hot rollers this is truly great. I definitely recommend it as a hot roller set.

I am wanting something I can get a bit of curl that is portable for travel and the GHD oracle may be just that.

I will let you know how I go when I purchase one. I’m hoping to get one mid next week when the stockist close to me say they are due to arrive.

Watch this space ……

Love Lucy x

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