How I was judged by my occupation on whether I could/should afford my purchase

I was recently featured in what’s in her bag segment.

The heading was, 53 year old midwife who uses a $1,653 skin care routine.

Doing something like this you open yourself up for public opinion. I was apprehensive to read the comments people had posted on the article as we have all heard how nasty trolls can be. I tentatively looked at the comments. Normally I wouldn’t tell people what I would necessarily spend on things because people do tend to judge you on it. I entered my details for the segment thinking they would never pick me out, I’m sure they have heaps of people entering their skin routines. Regardless I thought it a bit of fun. I was happy to get involved if they did want to use me on what’s in her bag. And to be honest I have never added all the products up because initially the first lot of products were a gift from Ted and I now buy sporadically here and there as I need it/run out. I said to my daughter, ‘oh that’s a bit embarrassing’ when I saw the title of the article. I guess I was more so sharing my products rather than cost of skin care because I really had no idea of how much the full deal costs me and I know I probably should. But then why should I be embarrassed she said. I’m not doing anything wrong and there’s others out there doing what I’m doing because the brands I buy are thriving it seems. If it was just me buying their products they would of gone broke. So myself and many others are doing the same thing. What’s intriguing however is the comments were that I don’t need to spend that much there’s other products just as good for less and alluring by my job title could I afford it , should I be buying it.

A person said, ‘what the, that’s an expensive routine, I should of become a midwife’. A comment which followed that said, ‘how much midwives earn’. It fascinates me how we are judged and pidgin holed into how we live our lives by our occupation and income. It was like these comments were saying what’s her income that she can afford that and should she be.

One of the greatest aspects to a democracy is freedom of choice and one commenter did point this out and her comment was interesting to read. That we can be free to choose to spend our hard earnt cash as we like. People have no idea of your private situation but judge how you should be living your lifestyle on what your perceived income is by your occupation and from how they live their life.

I was talking to someone today who told me a pack of cigarettes was $38AUD. That blew me away. She was a pack a day smoker, that’s $266AUD a week. Being a non smoker I had no idea how much a packet of cigarettes cost. I have several friends who could easily drink a bottle of wine a night. If a bottle of wine is $15AUD that’s $105AUD a week. I don’t smoke and very rarely have any alcohol

But if that’s what they want to spend their money on it’s their freedom of choice. I wouldn’t but they probably wouldn’t spend what I spend on skin care. We all like different things, and what we choose to spend our income on, there is really no right, or wrong. Of course I acknowledge gambling addictions and the likes but that’s associated with the mental illness of addiction. Choosing to spend our money on alcohol or skin products or other commodities is because we are all different and different priorities, likes and dislikes.

Of course there was a comment that I looked my age and said no one ever needs to spend that much on skin care, that rosehip oil would do the same thing.

If biochemist or molecular biologist was telling me this I’d be interested to hear their thoughts of comparison of product. Consumer opinion is also something I’m interested in discussing but that’s more an individual interest in why they believe certain products work well for them. Like many other consumers I buy products that I feel work best on my skin. I personally don’t believe there’s any miracle anti aging product. But I do believe some products make your skin look fresher and lighter thus giving a healthier appearance to your skin. Eating well and exercise probably if the truth be known is the most important thing and the benefit of genetics helps. Not forgetting personal happiness also adds another dimension to the outer glow .

As for looking my age, I know I don’t look 20 but I feel pretty good in my own skin. The comment didn’t phase me.

When I replied that I thought I look pretty dam good for 53, the person replied there’s nothing wrong with looking or being 53, and I totally agree. But I didn’t say that, I said I thought I looked good for 53. I’m know I am lucky to be alive and be 53. Being 53 is a privilege, I’m quite sure my deceased husband would love to be 53. Being 53 doesn’t mean I don’t want to look my best.

We know key board warriors say things they wouldn’t say to your face. I’m sure some would. It’s interesting how people feel free to comment with no knowledge of someone’s life and situation.

They don’t know if I’m single, in a relationship and our house holds financial situation. I often think negative comments often are more about the person saying it and their situation. People who are generally content don’t feel the need to be keyboard warriors, who like to scoff at people and their lives. Happy people just get on with their lives. We can have opinions, and nuance is a good thing but negativity is not necessary. That’s, I say, more about them than whatever they are having a jab at.

My article is already old news. The next weeks what in her bag is out and I’m forgotten about. No one this week cares about my skin routine or how much I spend. That’s how it goes. Everyone just moves on to the next article and there’s always someone who makes a judgmental negative comment which says more about them than you. I enjoyed sharing my products for the segment and it was a bit of fun getting involved and being chosen to run with my entry, I have no regrets. And I highly recommend my skin care routine. It’s been a great range for my skin.

Love Lucy x

2 thoughts on “How I was judged by my occupation on whether I could/should afford my purchase

Add yours

  1. These past few days I’ve spent $345.00 totally on myself.
    (Dentist, massage, dermaplaning, clothes & a pedi)
    If I smoked cigarettes I would have spent $238 for 7 days worth.

    What does it matter what we each decide to spend our money on or what type of employment we are in.

    I’ve worked hard all my life. Always made sure my bills were paid, children fed, clothed & educated, paid for a roof over our heads and maintained the structure. Now it’s a time in my life when I can relax a little.

    Do I need to be judged?
    I’m simply expressing how I feel at this moment in time.

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  2. I spend a lot on tea and tea cups. Like, absurd prices. My friends don’t understand it- but they don’t have to; it’s not their money. And as long as I make sure our bills are paid for each week, and we’ve got savings in the bank? What’s it matter what the rest of it goes to anyways?

    Honestly, if I could afford to drop that much on a skincare routine I absolutely would. I can’t, but I value my skin enough that I wouldn’t bat an eye at that price tag if I knew I could afford it.

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