$1653 on skin care. I never added it up before

Today mamamia.com.au feature an article on what’s in her bag segment.

I’m a big reader of their website and listener of mummamia podcasts.

I enjoy their interaction with their listeners and their inclusiveness of followers in general. They stay relevant and connect to the real people of society, all genders in general whilst promoting female empowerment. It has amazing guests who represent various aspects of our globe and present informative current events as well as the fun side of life like the what’s in your bag segment.

I love it can touch on all aspects of life. It’s more thought provoking intellectual podcasts that stimulate us and can challenge our thinking and their approach to being who you are. Mummamia presents all facets of life. I admire how Mia, pushes back on the need to bow to the scrutiny of aging and beauty and that aging gracefully is also a good thing. That we shouldn’t feel pressured to enhance our features. That doing so is ok but removing the ‘pressure’ to do so is what’s key here. Let’s be honest, many of us want to look our best and how we choose to do that is very Individual and I think it’s great to look after ourselves the best we can and within our individual budgets. There is no right or wrong.

The lack of judgment approach presents all dimensions of thinking about life, ageing, just being you and what’s happening in our world.

Below is the link to today’s what’s in her bag issue featuring myself! I was not paid by mamamia or endorsed by any of the products in this. I have never added up how much my skin care treatments cost me as I buy sporadically as each runs out. But as a whole package I was surprised.


2 thoughts on “$1653 on skin care. I never added it up before

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  1. Wow, just wow.
    Hey I want to leave a comment on your latest blog “Going back into the past” but it states comments are closed.

    Anyway as always a good read straight from the heart. I’m sure your sharing touches those who have lost. X


    1. Thanks for contacting me. I have not meant for the commenting to be closed. Sometimes the technicality side to WordPress I have difficulty navigating 🤦🏻‍♀️. Thanks for reading my post and taking the he time to write your blog thoughts


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