Kuranda Railway and Barron Gorge Cairns Australia

Ted and I visited Kuranda 10 years ago and went on the Kuranda scenic train, then took a short walk to the Kuranda village strolled through the markets and caught the Skyrail back down the mountain. If you have never done this and are in Cairns, Queensland Australia, I highly recommend it.

If you look closely you can see the carriages on the skyrail taken here from Barron Gorge

Today we hired a car and drove to Kuranda Village. There’s a good market here to have a wander.

This image from the internet

Kuranda Railway station is well preserved and picturesque with its tropical plant arrangements on the platforms and beautifully maintained surrounding gardens, with a cafe to buy a drink and light refreshments whilst sitting and enjoying this charming station.

A little tour 😉

After thoroughly enjoying the Kuranda Station we went for a short drive to Barron Gorge in the Barron National Park. The walkway down to the Gorge has several viewing points and is well done. It’s like taking a treetop view walk as it’s literally amongst the tree tops. You get a feel for what it might be like being a bird flying amongst the beautiful green leafy trees with their twisted intriguing branches.

Pathway through the Barron National Forrest
The inter wound and twisted branches of these magnificent trees
Barron Gorge Northern Queensland Australia
The evening sky at sunset Cairns
No filter just spectacular colours
If you head into Cairns for dinner, this restaurant on The Esplanade do amazing Italian and seafood. I had the clams 👌🏼 and Ted the Barramundi.
The banana and ginger pudding with butterscotch sauce and vanilla ice cream was pretty good also!

Love Lucy x

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