Week 5 of My 8 Week Challenge

Day 1 Week 5

The time is flying past. In the 5 the week already, wow! I followed Wednesday’s menu because I find leftovers for lunch easier on workdays. I work 3 days so I will do the cooked lunches on my days off.

I love this week having smoothies on the menu and particularly one of my favourites 😂😝😋

Day 2 Week 5

Today I followed Thursdays menu as once again leftovers suit me better on working days for lunch. Smoothies are so quick and easy for breakfast!

This time last year I was in Exmouth WA diving with whale sharks and manta rays. Living life feeling great. This is why we look after ourselves so we can be well enough and energetic enough to do the things we want. Don’t give up. Keep going!


Day 3 week 5

Today I think I swapped all 3 meals but I swapped them for one of the recommended options.

My favourite smoothie was an option and last time the granola was on the menu I didn’t swap.

It’s such a rollercoaster of emotions when you are trying to refocus on a goal. There’s days when you feel alive and energetic and really making inroads, and days when you feel progress is really slow and all the effort of consistency feels like little results are happening if any.

But I’ve remained consistent because I know that’s what gets results. But consistency requires time and effort. Planning, meal prepping, and being prepared to do things when you don’t really want to, so reaching the end goal is hard work.

80% of the hard work is dealing with your thoughts and the battle in your head. The gremlin that wants to give up and the determined one that pushes back. Pushing back on that ‘don’t worry about the workout today’, ‘ it will be ok to have a piece of cake’, don’t bother cooking tonight’……

But I constantly remind myself of my why. Why I started this challenge, and that was to refocus on food and exercise because at my age it’s necessary if you don’t want your weight to balloon out of control and your health to deteriorate which potentially will stop you doing the things in life you want to.

Whilst getting to your weight goal your lifestyle changes and once you reach your goal you can relax a little when you are ready for maintenance, BUT YOU HAVE TO HANG IN THERE TO GET TO THE GOAL. Only you can change your lifestyle.

The head battle to continue is real but the rewards are worthwhile. Today I did my measurements for half way through the challenge. I still have a way to go to get to my goal but slowly there are results. I am feeling a lot better than I did 4 weeks ago about myself. I feel great for having exercised regularly again and better in my clothes. I can’t see much of a difference in the mirror but I hope to with time.

Hang in there! Keep going. It will all be very much worth it.

Day 4 Week 5

I weighed myself 2 weeks after buying my new scales. I have lost 1 kg over the past 2 weeks. The weight loss feels ever so slow. I am starting to think I won’t get to my original goal weight I set 2.5 years ago and that I may only get to my best weight on this program which was in May 2017. It’s frustrating because I get to my current weight but almost never seem to be able to break through it. It seems once my body gets to this current weight it stops losing weight. It’s taking a lot of head talk and determination to keep going. To keep putting in the massive effort that I am. It feels such great effort for such little gains now.

Today I followed Friday’s menu. Yesterday my last 2 eggs, when I went to take them out of the box 1 cracked and crushed and today I was planning to do Wednesday’s menu. I was hoping to save my smoothie for tomorrow’s breaky so I didn’t have to cook and egg breaky before work. Anyways that’s life.

For the fish Tacos, we have a fish and chip shop about 2 mins walk away so I always just buy a grilled flake. It would of been so easy to just have fish and chips tonight. Believe me the thought crossed my mind lol. But I didn’t.

Today I did Tuesday’s workout. I went ok with this one 👏🏼. Some workouts you enjoy the exercises more than others.

Day 5 week 5

I had another healthy home cooked meal off the menu tonight. Another good day 😊

Day 6 Week 5

Saturday morning my alarm went off and I really didn’t want to get out of bed. I did after about 15 mins of head talk. Then because I was still tired I felt like sitting on the couch in my dressing gown with a coffee. But I’m time poor on Saturday mornings so it was straight to getting the workout done. After it’s done I think to myself if’s 45 mins to an hour of uncomfortableness.. the waking up, getting up and workout. After that I felt fine, I was pleased I had gotten it done.

I’d plan to stay in the menu today but had an opportunity to have lunch out and didn’t choose the best health friendly lunch. I had waffles but progress not perfection.

I looked at the menu and all the healthy options and couldn’t bring myself to eat a mouthful of quinoa or salad or tuna, I just wanted something yummy, I’ve eaten sooooo many vegetables and stuff like quinoa for the past 5 weeks.

I couldn’t even eat the egg and veggie breakfast I’d swapped to the porridge which was a swap option. Does it make me a bad person that I sometimes feel the need to do that that I’m not someone who goes out and still eats a healthy style meal. I sometimes honestly just have to eat stuff I really love and not just like.

I feel overall I’ve been putting in a massive effort.

Day 7 Week 5

I love it when I look at next weeks menu and see some of my favourites and even some meals I know I will like.


Macadamia and thyme Bircher

Blueberry smoothie

Bombay chicken ( swap from Alex’s curry)

Easy green omelette


Steak with garlic mushrooms

Sesame salmon noodles

Coconut pancakes

Lamb stir fry with rice

Meals I will like: ( don’t quite make the favourites list but are still good) :

Eggplant cous cous salad

Simple pumpkin salad

Chicken sweet potato wraps

Aussie lamb salad

Meals I’m looking forward to trying:

Sicilian stew, slow cook with some meat?

Meals I’m unsure about but willing to try:

Paprika roast cauliflower salad ( since my cauliflower rice night I’m worried?

Not sure about the pumpkin soup with coconut milk ( not a big fan of strong coconut flavours ) but will give it a go

I’ve booked my very first trip to Europe leaving late next March. It’s now given me a new focus for when the 8 week challenge finishes. I want to continue to drop a bit more weight and feel my absolute best going on this holiday the next year.

As a mother who raised her 3 children as a sole parent from ages 2, 5 and 9 and paid school fees, I sacrificed a lot to do this. If any parents have chosen to take that road they know how expensive this can be. Education is a decisive choice and I didn’t have to and life would have been financially a lot easier but it’s something their dad and I both wanted to do. After his death I kept that desire to do so. So at 53 I will have my first European holiday. I’m extremely excited as it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time.

I bought this book yesterday on Italy. It’s going to be the best incentive to keep good habits to help maintain my weight and fitness because it looks like I will be indulging in some amazing food over there 😊😝

Today I did Fridays workout. I liked the exercises in this workout. Some of the combination of exercises in the workouts I like more than others so this one was a good one.

Breakfast was interesting. I’d never had this before. I felt a bit unsure but gave it a go and it was alright. I’d have it again if it can up on the menu 😊. It’s good to try new things sometimes you find yourself pleasantly surprised.

I’m ready for week 6.

Pushing thru the ‘head battle’ is when you need to dig deep to get real result. Needing to believe that if I just keep pushing thru the result will come.

These last kg’s are so stubborn.

And the head battle is real! To fight the gremlin that tells you your efforts aren’t worth it. The gremlin that wants you to throw in the towel and say f–k it.

Love Lucy x

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