Week 4 of My 8 Week Challenge

Day 1 Week 4

I still feel like I’m going strong, however it’s difficult when not home to eat. I went to my mother-in-laws for tea. She’s 85 and goes to so much trouble. She makes home made scones with jam and cream, she had made a fruit cake and cooked us a beautiful roast dinner. She also had an abundance of other yummy foods.

The kids love going to Nan’s because it’s always a treat.

I remember my mum used to make an amazing pavlova. I’m 52 and since I was about 35 and having children I have had to watch my weight to some degree. Whenever mum made her pavlova I always had some despite what diet I was in at the time. I would think to myself one day mum won’t be here to have her pavlova anymore, and I cherished those times. Mum got ovarian cancer and died in 2008 and even though my sister and I have the recipe it’s still never the same as when she made it.

At my 85 year old mother in laws place I thought the same thing. One day she won’t be here for us to all sit around as a family and enjoy her home made scones, cakes and roast. So I had a scone jam and cream and a small piece of her fruit cake.

Sometimes being with those we love and family time is more important than worrying about that 500g that will now not drop off this week.

Sometimes creating memories and enjoying family and what that sometimes entails is more important than reaching that goal for the week.

Going to Nanny Jude’s for tea brings the family together, maintains a connectiveness. And that means a lot to me. I didn’t go crazy, I resisted the chocolates and other things but I thoroughly enjoyed her home cooking. Who knows when these days will just be a memory.

Day 2 week 4

Back to the food plan. I really enjoy the porridge’s and smoothies so this weeks a winner for me! And the snitzel has also been on my favourites list for sometime.

Day 3 Week 4

I did a workout and went for a run/walk with the dogs. I am enjoying this weeks menu. I feel I’m really putting in an effort which pleases me. I’m feeling skinnier but the runs are still tough. That’s ok because I’m doing them that’s the main point, I haven’t given up. I made a commitment to myself and I want to give this my best.

I had porridge for breakfast and leftovers from last nights tea for lunch but couldn’t eat it all. I eat until I feel I have had enough. I don’t force extra in to finish the dish. I have mixed the food menu up a bit this week as I won’t be home over the weekend. I’ve cooked the vegetarian capsicum tonight.

Day 4 Week 4

Going strong still.

A problem I have is when I need to go out for the afternoon. I went out before lunch and took a little bag of nuts to snack on which was great. Kept me going. Didn’t get home to until nearly 5 pm which is to late to have lunch because then you don’t feel like tea.

I’m going to have my lunch tomorrow as leftovers.

Upper body strength still needs work but the chair step ups are feeling easier. Pushing thru.

Enjoying this weeks menu.

Day 5 Week 4

Trying to stay on top of things. Got a busy morning / day tomorrow. Need to be out of the house early and still have Thursday’s workout to do before I go.

Organisation is key to this being successful so cooked my lemon ricotta pancakes tonight and will reheat in the microwave in the morning 😊

Day 6 Week 4

Last night after making my lemon ricotta pancakes I still had my Wednesday exercises to do. I realised I couldn’t find a pair of my boots I wanted and was searching the house before I new it it was 1am😥. Went to do my workout and the app played up. Fiddled with it for a bit but at 1am my enthusiasm wasn’t great. This has happened to me a few times now. I’ve downloaded the workout then go out of the screen and when I come back to it it says down loaded but won’t now play. I tried turning my phone off and on. Tried closing all my internet history. But to be honest as I said at 1 am I wasn’t going to keep trying to sort it out. As a result of going to bed so late, I slept in an extra hour this morning. I got up at 7:30, had to be out of the house all day until coming home at midnight. Thus no workout again today which I’m really disappointed with. Waking up earlier this morning was my only opportunity to get it done and I didn’t do it way to tired.

Today wasn’t one of my finest 28 days in the food stakes. Started of with reheating my 28 pancakes all good, had a 21st birthday lunch to attend, which also involved birthday cake, and went out for tea tonight, chose the seafood spaghetti when I probably should have chosen the salmon. Then ordered dessert 🤦🏻‍♀️.

I knew this week would challenge me because I was out Monday night and all day today.

Going to try doing a double workout tomorrow to catch up.

And of course back to the menu. I really shouldn’t have ordered that dessert tonight but it was delicious at least.


Day 7 Week 4

Friday and Saturday despite plans and intentions my workouts didn’t get done.

Reading how some people on the program are killin’ it on the Facebook site had a negative affect on me. I was feeling not good enough, not dedicated enough. But after some thinking I said to myself everyone’s day is different. The posts we see are one portion of that day. I don’t have any idea what the other 23 hours of their day entailed and all I can do is be true to myself

You have to run your own race. You have to be doing this for YOU. And ultimately that’s all that matters. If you honestly believe you are giving this your best that is what matters. What others are doing is their personal challenge.

I honestly feel I’m giving this challenge my best. I’m honestly staying true to my commitment to give my best to this challenge. I am regularly evaluating my focus.

I want this for ME! And I remind myself of an earlier post I wrote about Beyoncé. Despite all her entourage if she wants to lose weight and tone up she is the only one who can put the right food in her mouth and move her muscles and tone them. You are the owner of your body and can control what happens with your body by your own actions

I didn’t do Thursdays workout Saturday morning as planned because life got in the way and I was really tired, or Wednesday’s Friday night, because I couldn’t get the app to work when attempting it at 1am!

But today I woke much more energetic and got on with it. I have done Thursday and Fridays workout and will do Wednesday’s still tonight . Doing Thursdays workout today ended up being a better option than Saturday morning when really tired. It would of been a half arsed effort. Today was a good effort.

I had to pick my man up from the airport after being in WA with family for a week, so it was a nut snack and coffee in the car instead of lunch. This still felt like a better option than Maccas drive thru.

Do it for yourself. Remember your why. Why you signed up for the program. And try not to compare your progress with others on the program. You don’t see their full day, you only see yours. And as long as you are truely doing your best that’s all you can ask of yourself. Run your own race. You are your only player in the game. Win your own race and reap the rewards of your own efforts.


Love Lucy x

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