The Elixir Of Youth

Menopause isn’t something women talk to each other about & we need to. A 2002 American based study that conclusions were incorrectly reported has left a generation of women suffering menopause symptoms unnecessarily. This is my story and what the most recent peer review has concluded on a study that sent fear through a generation of doctors and women. Don’t miss your window of time to gain the maximum overall health benefits of hormone replacement therapy.

5 things that have been positives and negatives whilst in forced isolation when on holidays in COVID19 times.

Negatives 1. Not having freedom to leave the house if I wanted to due to restrictions on where you should be, what’s essential ? Not a lot. 2. Not seeing family and friends in person. Zoom just doesn’t hit the mark. Being in someone’s physical presents gives and energy that can’t be replicated through a... Continue Reading →

7 Online Purchases I’ve Made Whilst Self Isolating

When you can’t socialise in person and connecting on a screen your own face seems to be something you see a lot more of, and with so much more time to on screens to look at new things, I’m now exploring new found interest in stuff I never normally have the patience nor time for. Make up! But I’m embracing it. Enjoying it even.

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