Week 6 of my 8 week challenge

Day 1 Week 6

I followed Tuesday’s menu because I like leftovers on workdays for lunch as it’s easier.

I swapped The suggested curry to the swap option of Bombay curry and I forgot to add the yoghurt, spinach and lemon juice despite me having it ready to go on the bench! 🤦🏻‍♀️. Silly me but it was still really good.

Today included a snack

Day 2 Week 6

Day 3 Week 6

At about the 10 day mark I started feeling good, by 3 weeks I was feeling skinnier, at 6 weeks I feel I LOOK skinnier in my undies and bra. I don’t think I’m at a point that others will notice but I think progress is happening.

My weight comes off in 100 or 200g increments so a lot of head talk is needed to keep putting in lots of effort. Sometimes when changes are slow is hard to see what all your efforts are doing what seems not a lot.

But I have persevered. I know perseverance and consistency brings change. And I’ve wanted change. Although for me I don’t get big losses like I see others getting I keep reminding myself to run my own race and try not to compare others success. This at times can be hard and even disheartening but you have to keep committed to your own goal.

Some are much younger, some are people have embraced physical activity more and running fun runs, some have before and after photos that show incredible weight loss and look wonderful in their new outfits.

My win this week has been dropping down into the next kg. That’s how small the changes are for me, but that feels a massive achievement because I know how hard I’m trying to break through those stubborn kg’s. Every 500grams is a huge achievement for me.

I know I’m getting stronger from the exercises. Some are getting easier. That’s a reward in itself.

My wins aren’t big jaw droppers but any progress is good. And I think when having little losses all of a sudden you catch a side view in the mirror like I did and think, hey I look skinnier! That put a wee smile on my face.

I’d forgotten to pre prepare my orange macadamia thyme Bircher so made it this morning ( I planned to follow Monday’s menu). There was a porridge serving left over in the fridge so I decided to warm that and have that for breakfast. Something had happened to my online order and I didn’t receive an eggplant. It was cold and rainy in Melbourne so I just had the Bircher I had made earlier for lunch. Not ideal two oats breakfasts in one day but perhaps better than toast and vegemite which I contemplated.

The Bircher was so yummy!

I’m getting into having this liquorice tea after my evening meal where I used to have a black tea with milk. I’m preferring this tea choice. That’s something different or me.

I heard the nutritionist mention liquorice tea on many occasions so during this challenge I was open to new things so gave it a go

Creating new likes and habits😊

Day 4 Week 6

Reward day. I have been having remedial massages as a treat to myself whilst doing the challenge. It’s a bit of a spoil.

I was out all afternoon so lunch got missed.

I did Friday’s menu. I had a late breaky and it got me through. I don’t normally skip a meal. I usually like my food to much. I was shopping at Chadstone and avoided all the eateries. I wasn’t even tempted really. I think I was enjoying looking at all the nice things 😛 Both these meals were really good. I’ve got leftover salmon for lunch as I made an extra serve.

Day 5 Week 6

Day 6 Week 6

Got up and did my workout ( Thursday’s). I was out all afternoon, so no lunch because I try not to buy. Had a dinner out for my 86 year old mother in laws birthday. I chose the Parmigiana, it was huge. But to my nice surprise I ate half of it. A small amount of chips. I just can’t eat big heavy meals I don’t think now. I have gotten so used to light mainly vegetable meals. Who am I !!!!

I had a good night and did enjoy the half veal parmigiana even if I did leave 3/4 of my food.

I did have a little birthday cake.

Day 7 Week 6

Another week done. I soooo did not feel like doing my Friday workout today but did as well as my Wednesday workout.

Such a mixture of emotions. In some ways the past six weeks have felt really hard but at the same time quite doable. It’s taken discipline and focus. That’s probably been the hardest part. But once the head talk is sorted and I just do it the results come and that gives positive feelings for the effort.

I haven’t gotten back to my lowest weight from my initial start on this program 2.5 years ago. I’m still 1-1.5kg short of that. I’m really hoping to at least get to that before this 8 week challenge is over.

Love Lucy x

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