I’m signed up!

It’s Easter and I’m enjoying all the treats on offer, but come Monday I have signed up to do an 8 week challenge with my lifestyle group https://28bysamwood.com . There’s a prize for the best transformation to Port Douglas but I dont expect at all to be chosen for that. I’m signing up for me. September this year will be 3 years since I completely changed my diet and regularly exercise. It took me nearly 2 years to decide this was a lifestyle change and clean out my pantry. I threw out all the food I hadn’t touched since September 2016. Jars of sauces, tinned foods I was hanging onto, packets of stuff.

I haven’t missed any of it that was clogging up my pantry but I have started gaining weight. Although my diet is good I am not eating balanced enough macro’s to sustain my weight. I need to follow the program 90% again I need to get back on the salads. So Monday I start.

I took my before  photos the other day. Good light, against a plain wall, front, side on and back. The back photo was the worst. That was depressing, made me almost want to throw the towel in. I physically look unattractive, but its not about just the physical appearance it’s also about a healthy body and mind. I keep saying to myself, I’ve been to the other side. I know how good I felt with a 75cm waist line. That’s my goal to get back there. I recently measured and I was 80cm. So can I do it. Can I lose 5cm off my waistline in 8 weeks.

I’m going to give it my very best. I want to reach my goal by August. Prove to myself I can focus when needed. I want to feel great again like I did at 75cm and fitter.

I have organised my groceries online. I’m ready. I am going to keep a week by week report on how I’m going.

Stay tuned and watch this space folks. Week 1 starts 22nd April. Anyone wants to do their own 8 week challenge and join me on this journey then let’s do it! Take your before photos and measurements ( weight only if you want to)

Come on do it with me, we’ve got this! Share the journey😊 Starts Monday.

Going from no exercise at all to a 3 month diet for a wedding, to a complete lifestyle change and climbing a mountain.

Reflecting on making changes.

My current struggle with exercise

Love Lucy x

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