My current struggle with exercise

For so long I had been really good at regular exercise, but I’ve totally lost my motivation. I’m finding it so hard to get started again.

I feared this situation, I know how hard it was to start in the beginning. I knew it was my weakest link, exercise. Exercising doesn’t come naturally to me. I’ve never been a ‘sporty’ girl, I wish I was. How much easier would it be if you enjoyed sport. I knew I was on a slippery slope to stopping when I was missing a workout here and there in December and January. I’m bothered by it. I’m bothered by my lack of motivation. I know exercise is really good for me. I know I feel better for doing it.

But right now. I have a block. Writing this blog isn’t helping my activity levels because when you write, you sit. The more inactive you become the more you feel like not moving energetically.

The more you become unfit and the harder exercise feels. I’m thinking I may need to limit my screen time to encourage me to be doing other things.

I have never enjoyed exercise. Even when regularly exercising I didn’t really enjoy it. Some people get an internal shift and start running and they move on to marathons. That hasn’t been me. I felt good for exercising regularly, dam good, but didn’t enjoy the actual exercises.

I’m really trying hard to fight the laziness in my head. The lack of energy. I’m feeling rather negative about my situation.

I spent the day yesterday trying to talk myself in to exercising. At 2am I went to bed having done no exercise.

But I refuse to give up! I refuse because I know I need to push through to get fit enough that regular exercise doesn’t feel mentally and physically torturous. I’ve been there, I’ve been to the other side of torture. I’ve been fitter and exercised regularly and felt bloody amazing in my own skin. I felt great, climbed a mountain for goodness sake!What you need to know about climbing Mount Emei, China. #Emeishan #Goldensummit #MtEmei #china #mountainclimbs #travellingchina #tourismchina

But that now feels long ago. It’s now becoming like my old war story! It’s like I hit the top of my game and then gave the game away.

I don’t have a gym membership or go to classes. I do my @28bysamwood workout with, very ancient and very simple equipment. But it’s works. It’s incredible what you can achieve in your own home.

I call this my gym. It’s sunny, it’s pleasant. It’s enough. If I do my @28bysamwood workouts it keeps me at a level of fitness I’m happy with.

I have no intentions to be ripped to the point I have abs or a high performance athlete. Nope, I just want to be fit enough to maintain general health which includes a healthy body mass ( waist 80cm or less) and healthy mind.

I was at my fittest just after getting home from China September 2017 and our mountain climb. My waist measurement was75cm

From August 2016 to May 2017 I lost 59cms, 7.7 kg. Since then I put on a staggering 33.5cms. Since January 2019 I’ve lost 11.5cms. Today 28th March 2019 my waist was 80cm. I’d like to get back to 75cm, however I’m happy to be in a healthy waist range.

My goal is to lose the 24.5cm still gained by August 2019. I will let you know at the end of April my progress.

I believe in this program. It works I can do it. #progressnotperfection. The struggle is real.

Love Lucy x

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