Narcasitic Donald Trump is putting Americans at risk

As an Australian I always thought America was also a first world country. A democratic country like ours. That our two nations were similar and that we are allies.

Today I have been reading about health workers who are saying that the federal Centres For Disease (CDC) are not allowing testing for many of the virus suspected cases therefore officially keeping numbers of infected people low and that President Trump is roistering about how well the American Government are going at containing the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

To me that’s the act of a dictator not a democratic leader. It seems to me he wants to be seen as the amazing leader that has contained spread to his borders. Wake up Mr President it’s in your own country and infecting thousands even million of Americans. Your narcissism is putting millions of Americans at risk.

It’s a case of the controlling narcissistic husband refusing his partner medical treatment only Mr President is doing this on a mass scale.

By denying testing to those asking for it is nothing short of wrong. A nurse has been told because she is wearing the protective gear then she won’t have contracted it and that although she is displaying symptoms she is being refused testing. I’m a nurse with 36 years experience and this is unbelievable.

In this article it relays how Donald Trump visited the CDC and was proud of how well American is preventing spread and containing the virus.

This is an excerpt from the article

Notorious germophobe President Donald Trump is proud of his COVID-19 response.
“I like this stuff. I really get it,” he said during a tour of a CDC facility yesterday. “People are really surprised I understand this stuff. Every one of these doctors said, ‘How do you know so much about this?’ Maybe I have a natural ability.”
Yesterday, Mr Trump was visiting his new CDC appointee, director Robert Redfield.
The 68-year-old retired US Army colonel has a patchy track record. His belief HIV was God’s retribution on gays produced some highly controversial military policies during the 1980s.
But Mr Trump has every confidence Dr Redfield is on top of COVID-19.
“We have very low numbers compared to major countries throughout the world. Our numbers are lower than just about anybody,” Mr Trump said yesterday.

I cannot believe I am reading this from a country’s President I thought they were a democratic first world country like ours.

How does America not have adequate testing kits and facilities, how come health workers are being put at risk and being denied support and testing when presenting with symptoms, how can a first world country not have enough protective equipment for health workers to wear when the country has known about this epidemic for months.

Have the American leaders been so arrogant to display an image of governance superiority and knowledge ( which clearly is not what is true) that President Trump will put people lives deliberately at risk to keep true statistical medical statistics from the world at large.

I believe many Americans that voted for Trump were those who were looking for leadership to protect and guide them and stand up for them . President Trump for narcissistic reasons is putting those voters at risk for his own glory. What Trump doesn’t realise is he is going to come crashing down in a very public way. What he doesn’t realise is that this virus is bigger than him. This virus is engulfing the world. Much smarter and wiser people than him are involved in this outbreak containment. These smarter people from other countries, other high level health and political organisations are going to see right thru this megomaniacs antics.

Right now I feel for the American populations who have their lives literally in his hands. Right now I’m happy I live in Australia who at least has a government facing this head on and that we are governed by a Prime Minister who in this case isn’t putting his own image before others health. Hopefully our Prime Minster has learnt how our nation reacted when he went on a family holiday to Hawaii as our nation was on fire over the summer.

As a health worker I feel the authorities are acting accordingly in Australia from what I can see. If I was living in the States I’d be worried, very worried. President Trump is looking out for himself and only himself. He has been described as the worst kind of narcassist by many experts since his election as President. One of the issues he has is that he is ruling a country of free speech. Bravo to the nurse who has spoken out. You need to to bring the world attention to what your democratically elected government are doing.

Love Lucy

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