What’s Inspiring Lucy. This week 11th November 2019

Packing for a 10 Day Holiday to Cairns Australia, Tropical North East Queensland.

This week is a little different. This week is about travel and holidays.

Before the judgement of the light packers this was mixed with a corporate congress. Also I’m not a minimalist. And I am happy with what I took. I could of taken less, yes, we always can, especially in hindsight, but hindsight’s a wonderful thing.

I’m not a no frills no makeup, type of girl. I like variety in clothes and part of a holiday experience for me is getting a little dressed upto go out and enjoying what I have to wear.

My case weighing 17 kg + a 5 kg carry on
Samsonite 92L Cosmolite case
Hook and Albert carry on bag. I took a carry on bag for the overnight stay on the train and checked in our cases

Clothing Packed

Items purchased from Viva Cairns 💛

Day 1

Working and going straight to Tullamarine Airport Melboune.

Mavi Denim Jacket, Country Road Shoes Tohum necklace, Fairly earrings and Esse Studio dress

Day 2

A day in Brisbane, catching the Spirit of Queensland RailPod train

Decjuba longline cardigan and black tee, Aday pants and Toni Bianco shoes

Day 3

Second day travelling to Cairns on the railpod train, arriving in Cairns 5 pm and going out for tea to the Paper Crane Restaurant Riley Crystalbrook Resort

Decjuba longline cardigan and white tee, Aday pants, Tony Bianco shoes
Mavi Denim jacket, Eva Grintela shirt dress, Tohum necklace, Fairly earrings, Country Road shoes and Kampanero bag

Day 3

Day 3 was spent on Green Island and dinner at the Paper Crane.

Une piece long arm Rashi bathers, Seafolly linen wrap, Zimmermann bather top, Chanel sunglasses, Country Road hat and Tony Bianco shoes
Camilla bag and Kaftan dress, Country Road Shoes

Day 4

A relax by the pool, a drive to Kuranda, dinner at The Raw Pawn Restaurant Cairns

Chanel glasses, Country Road hat, Toni Bianco Slidees, black wrap, Zimmermann bathers
Country Road hat, Saba top, Zimmermann skirt, Seed Heritage sliders
Fairly earrings, Tohum necklace, Country Road Shoes, Eva Grintela dress, Mavi denim jacket not warn, Kompanero bag

Day 5

A drive and lunch at Port Douglas and dinner in Cairns on the Esplanade

Country Toad hat and shorts, Cotton On Tee, Chanel sunglasses and Tony Bianco sliders
Mavi Jacket not worn, Esse Studio’s dress, Fairly earrings. Tohum necklace and Country Road shoes

Day 6

Morning tea at Paper Crown, dinner at a restaurant on the Pier.

Chanel sunglasses, Maurie and Eve Tee, fairly ring and earrings. Tohum necklace, Miguelina Linen wrap skirt and Seed Heritage sliders
Mavi jacket not worn, fairly earrings, Camilla bag, Country Road shoes and Zimmermann dress

Day 7

Shopping in Cairns, a swim at the resort pool and dinner

Zimmermann bathers. Seafolly black linen wrap skirt, Tony Bianco sliders, Chanel sunglasses, Country Road Hat
Country Road Hat and shorts, Mavi Tee, Tony Bianco Sliders
Fairly earrings, Tohum necklace, Country Road Shoes, Eva Grintela dress, Mavi denim jacket not warn, Kompanero bag

Day 8

Day by the pool, then dinner at a restaurant on the Pier

Zimmermann bathers, Tohum necklace, Eva Grintela Tote bag, Toni Bianco shoes, Country Road hat, Seafolly dress.
Mavi Jacket not worn, Camilla bag, fairly earrings, Zimmermann dress, Country Road Shoes

Day 9

Day by the pool and a Gala dinner .

Zimmermann bathers, Tohum necklace, Eva Grintela Tote bag, Toni Bianco shoes, Ralph Lauren cap, Seafolly dress.
Camilla Pants and bag, Kmart head scarf, Lioness sequence top by Heard It All Before from Iconic, Mimco Wedges, Zimmermann earrings, bangles from Viva Cairns
Gala dinner held in a sugar cane field open air dining

Day 10

Flying home to Melbourne Victoria.

Mavi denim jacket, Witchery shoes, Kompanero bag, Maurice and Eve tee, Zimmermann pants.

So that’s what I rocked in Cairns in the past 10 days. Do you think I’m crazy for taking what I did. I know some probably feel what I took totally unnecessary but we are all different and this is what makes me me, and I’m okay with me. It’s okay to be a bit different.

Apologies to those who follow my What’s Inspiring Lucy blogs. The next blog will be out as usual later this week. Thank you to those followers in particular who support this weekly blog.

Love Lucy x

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