The small stuff of packing

I’m preparing for my trip to Europe March 2020.

I have bought some things I think may be helpful. I’m expecting the weather to be cooler for my trip so am planning on taking some warmer clothes which can not necessarily be heavy but bulky to pack. I came across this portable vacuum device. it’s small and easy to pack and has an electric charged battery. The charger cord has a USB end which fits in to the wall plug that I use for my apple Iphone charger.

I’m considering using it to debulk some of my clothing items. I tried it out on a thick woolly scarf.

We are travelling over business class with Singapore airlines so I don’t think I will need head support on the way over however we are coming home with friends and travelling economy and I am terrible at trying to sleep in an upright position. I’ve been really bothered by the thought of this as I need to lie down to sleep. The bean filled neck pillows have been unsuccessful fo me in the past. I decided to purchase a new style which also is claimed to support your neck to assist upward sleeping.

Mine has arrived and on trialing it at home, I’m yet to be convinced it will be enough to support my head to allow me to sleep comfortably. It is an upgrade on the horseshoe style bean neck support but will it do the job is another question.

The next maybe useful gadget I have purchased is the Travelmax Bag Luggage Strap to strap my extra carry on bag to my case. In the past I hook it over the handle and it falls off which is annoying. Perhaps this will prevent that.

Everyone is raving about packing sets. They seem a good idea. I’ve never used them before but I do think they would make living out of a suit case easier. Instead of constantly taking clothing out to find something and re packing everything you just reach for the individual pack you need.

I quite liked the Away brand packing sets in white but they were quite a bit dearer.

Containers for decantering beauty products into such as shampoo and face creams to avoid the weight and space occupation in your luggage.

I like these. They are colourful and soft and easy to squeeze. The clear plastic type I have used in the past have been stiff and harder to get creamy products out of so I thought I would try this style.

I know many hotels supply shower caps but I like to take my own. I bought this pink fabric covered shower cap because I like it. Not sure how practical it will be. It’s water proof but I know if it gets wet it will take longer to dry than an all plastic type. I also feel it will get dirty when washing my make up off but hey, it’s a shower cap. Having to buy a new one if need be won’t break the bank !

When travelling I like clear toilette bags so you can easily visualise your products. When at home they are on a shelf and easy to see and grab. It can be annoying when away to be constantly fossicking for that little container you want when you can’t see where it is.

Lastly a clear makeup travel case .

It will be interesting to see which of the above I actually decide to use when packing.

Love Lucy x

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