Customer service

Yesterday I walked in to Mecca, for those who are unfamiliar with this store it’s a beauty store that sells predominantly make up brands. I was going out with friends that night and had just had a blow wave earlier. It was gloomy weather, one of those days if by choice I’d stay inside. It had rained but there had been a break in the down pour.

I looked up stockists to buy a GHD Oracle and my local Mecca store was listed as stockist. I braved the gloomy weather and went to Mecca as I was in the vicinity. Unfortunately they didn’t stock the Oracle but there was another couple of make up items I had heard of that I was interested in looking at.

The girls working in the store were so friendly and welcoming. Not in a sales way but a sincere sense. Soon after entering the store the heavens opened up outside and the rain tumbled down . After just not long walking out of the hairdresser I decided to look at the make up in store instead of trying to run to my car in the rain. My lovely fresh blow wave would of gotten ruined.

A sales assistant approached me and offered to apply bits and pieces I started looking at. Initially it was on the back of my hand then she offered to put a particular blush on me. In general conversation I mentioned I was going out with friends. Next thing I was wiping off my work make up and she was doing my make up for my evening out. I thought great! I’m going to have fresh make up to wear out and I knew it would look nice as it was being applied by a professional. I definitely am not great with the art of make up.

I left $165 poorer with 3 products. 2 of the products are the ones I was interest in looking at when I went in store. The other was a lipstick. I was pleased with myself for not buying every product I looked at because I liked them all. It may have all been a sales pitch and maybe I got wrapped up in it, but I came out of that store feeling really good and had had a wonderful shopping experience.

That’s what shopping should be about. Genuine authentic friendly service, and no sales pitch, no push to buy. Just informative friendly assistance that felt sincere.

I have redness to my skin and the Stella primer is also a skin corrector which gives your skin a more even appearance. The Chantecaille Liquid Lumiere can be mixed in with your foundation before applying for an all over glow or used as a highlighter. I have been wanting to try these 2 products for a while as I had heard positive things about them.

The Nars lipstick is a Matt colour which I really liked and I’m in need of some fresh lipsticks.

Unfortunately I will have the get my GHD oracle somewhere else, but if I want make up products in the future Mecca, Burke Road Camberwell Victoria Australia, will be my first point of call.

They won me over. I felt fabulous walking out of their store despite spending a little more than anticipated. That’s good sale service.

Love Lucy x

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