People like real people

Today I saw an Instagram post by Justin Bieber. Love or hate him I applaud him for doing this.

My 25 year old daughter was a great fan of Justin Beiber particularly between 16-21. She had her 21 cake made with his face on it. She still is a fan. She has shown great loyalty to him through his trials and tribulations, his moments of public negative judgements as well as his successes, so I follow him on Instagram to see for myself why she may admire him and stick buy him despite a lot of ridicule.

I do think he shows a side of humanity and the above Instagram post shows a real person is inside the famous exterior.

When people become celebrities, famous, they seem untouchable and unrelatable. We think them different to us. In reality they are still human with failings, insecurities and trying to make sense of their world and self.

Many articles are written about what is perceived may be going in with them, people speculate but we don’t really know, and we can only go on what we see through the media and what is displayed in public. I read this post because under this he had written, ‘ hope you find time to read this it’s from my heart’.

Of course I can’t be sure if he ‘penned’ it but it seemed like it was written from the heart’. What I like about it is it showed a real person with real thoughts, feelings and struggles behind this stardom image we see.

Revealing your flaws can be hard but people like to see those mega successful and people we admire or idealise are real. With feelings like us. I think it makes us feel less inadequate. We can then relate that even successful people have struggles, make mistakes, have stressors and worries.

I think it makes you think about their struggles and gives you a sense of respect for what they have been through and that it’s not all glamour and fun. That with success also comes heartache and emotions, all the feelings we ourselves feel. That striving to be the best you can isn’t always an easy ride. Strive for your best and don’t give up when you face difficulties because that’s part of the course. It happens to the best of us.

When we have watched someone’s train wreck and then they come out and speak honestly about it we admire them all the more. We see that even people like ourselves with flaws can still strive for some kind of success because the person you are admiring also has struggled with some of the things you have or that they didn’t get where they are without some sacrifices and issues. When in the rise to success mistakes can be made because when in the thick of it we can’t see the forest for the trees but on reflection we can see where we went well and where we went wrong and that in itself is personal growth and can help us move forward in a more positive direction.

It isn’t necessarily just celebrities we admire at time it’s friends. No matter who it is. No one has the perfect life. It can be hard not to envy those who appear to have more than us, have it easier than us but remember sometimes they may seem ahead in their life and sometimes you are. Live your best life knowing you will have times of joy and times of hardship and that this is being human. Run your own race and not against others.

Love Lucy x

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