What’s Inspiring Lucy – This Week 28th August 2019

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Do you see a picture of an outfit on social media and wonder where they got it? Where did they buy it, how they put it together? In these what’s inspiring Lucy blogs I gather some items currently available on the market that I like and share them with you. I am not paid or sponsored by any of these companies. I’m a consumer and I purchase products I mention.

About Me

I’m a working mum of young adult children. I’m not in the fashion industry but I like having my own style, that reflects me and keeping things interesting for me. We all have our own style in clothing. Sometimes it’s good to be brave by having a look in your wardrobe and trying different items you don’t normally wear together. It’s surprising when you do this how many outfits you have. By mixing and matching clothes you can revitalise your wardrobe.

Be a little brave, put yourself out there. Wear colour, be bold. I remember reading many years ago a statement from someone that said, be the person who people want to follow don’t be the follower. This can be applied in so many aspects of our lives. Create your own individuality.

I have been running an Instagram page for a while @surreyhouse where I post images of clothes, homes & hairstyles and much more that catches my eye. On my Instagram page I have posted images of styles all over the world. In this blog I’m going to concentrate on what’s available for current purchase, stuff I like that’s my style. So often I see a lovely item of clothing or outfit and it’s totally out of my price range or there no description of where it’s from. Everyone’s budget is different. If it’s out of your price range then it can sometimes be nice just to admire like it’s a piece of art. . The fabric choice, colour, and design.

I’m not tall, or big breasted, I’m pear shaped, average to thin build and have a 78cm waist. Being shorter where often loose fitting clothes make me look stumpy and even shorter, having the option to wear waisted clothes can be advantageous to give shape. It’s important to know what your assets are how to accentuate them and work with your body type in regard to proportion to help guide your purchases. Be prepared to have clothing adjusted by a professional seamstress to proportion your outfit to suit you. I use Look Smart Alterations or Alter it and some smaller independent tailors. Not only will this allow you more scope of buying off the rack, ready to wear items but will also make the clothes look so much better on you and at the time of buying you can factor alterations into your total cost for the outfit and whether the purchase is going to be worth it for you. No point buying a $50 dress if the altering is $30 if you don’t love the item and believe you will get at least your $80’s of wear out of it.

We’d all love to have the perfect figure but realistically very few women are gifted in such a way. You can’t help genetics and acceptance is key. Once you stop self loathing and accept your height and shape you can start to learn how to choose what clothing works best for you and when buying only purchasing if you know the item can be adjust to proportionately fit you to suit you and pricing feasible. No matter your height, shape or even If you are carrying an extra few kilograms you just can’t seem to get your head around shifting, you can still dress well if you understand proportion, shape, design and colour. I have many friends of all shapes and sizes and some I really admire their dress sense. They look great because they have a natural eye for design and in particular design for their body shape and height, they’ve worked it out by experimenting. We all know when something doesn’t look quite right. I think you can wear most things if the waist and lengths sit in the right place on your body. The rest is confidence to own it and rock it! Over the next few months keep your eye out for my guest segment where I will interview women of different ages, weight and height, where I explore their trends and how I think they get it right! Through this series I will tell you why I like a certain piece of clothing and why I would buy it.

Take a look at my surreyhouse Instagram page and then let’s get started. Tap on this link Instagram.

My Picks this week

This week I’m inspired by a person I follow on instagram @huntforstyles.

Rachel Gilbert has a similar skirt. The Orlando skirt in Ivory $799AUD

As does Trelise Cooper. Tullise En Point Skirt $231AUDand The Tully Not Skirt $549AUDby Trelise Cooper

I bought my Carrie Bradshaw tulle skirt last year. It came beautifully packaged. Albeit lovey, the fullness of these skirts can make you feel like you look fatter than you are. They are such fun skirts though.

Marie Louise de Monterey Camille-Blouse $253AUD available from Splice Boutique. I have received this top. In real life the top is a soft white and the pattern is not as obvious as in the picture. ( on checking the website this top is now sold out)

This Stella McCartney Denim Jumpsuit $1335AUD ON SALE $534AUD, looks like you are about to go and work under the bonnet of a car but I like it.

Current /Elliot The Penny Cotton -twill jumpsuit $529AUD

Seed Heritage have brought out a cheaper version, the Zip Detail Boiler Suit$129.95AUD

Spring is around the corner and this lemon dress is very feminine. The Sorrelli Dress $69.95AUD available at Mura Boutique

The Deep Desire spotty pants are also available at Mura Boutique $79.95AUD

Sass and Bide Remix Wonder Slide $190AUD

Last Weeks Picks

Gaining some inspiration from Kate Middleton. I often look at her in her country estate clothing look, I’m not sure if that’s the right formal description but it’s mine. I think she does this well. She’s tall and thin and boots look super on her. I have admired Kate’s brown leather boots for sometime and it’s reported she’s been rocking hers for 12 years.

Above pictures from Pinterest

These particular two styles I like. Firstly the brown leather Penelope Chilvers Tassel Boot. This boot comes in short and long. The short is for shorter people, like myself and the long taller people. So don’t confuse this with a mid length or long length boot, both are a long boot.

The short length boot is currently on sale at $671AUD rrp $789.86AUD with an extra 10% off this August at Country Attire however they only have large sizes left!

Secondly is the gumboots as Australians refer to this type of waterproof boot. I think the English call them Wellington’s.

The ‘Gumboots’ or this brand Le Chameau are Women’s Vierzon Jersey Lined Boots retail at £150 , $296 AUD available at Le Chameau

Similar are Hunter Original Refined Women’s Wellies $191.25AUD ON SALE for $132 AUD in black or blue from Surfdome

Another cheaper alternative below are Bata Gumboots available at Bunnings $22.50AUD

Denim Balmain Jacket Button Distressed denim Jacket $2450AUD available at net-a-porter

A cheaper alternative is the Ellen Denim Blazer $149.94 AUD available at Decjuba

Husk black leather Jean $999AUD

Poppy Smocked Ruffle Top $429AUD by Cynthia Rowley

Gabella Skirt $179 AUD ON SALE $125.30 AUD and top $139AUD ON SALE $111.20AUD available at Maurie and Eve.

Update 28.08.2019 I received my Gabella skirt. In the online catalogue picture the pocket stitching around the outside of the front is more accentuated as if the pocket is sewn on the outside. On receiving my skirt it looks more like the pockets are only side pockets. The particular feature that drew me to this skirt was the pocket detail. So I was disappointed because it didn’t appear as the image indicated

The Nomade Knit Top and Pant. $129 each. On sale $103 each plus today (14.8.19) a further 25% off $77.80 each with the Afteryay sale – available from Maurie and Eve.

Update 28:08:2019 I received my outfit. It has a 70’s feel and a nice true white knitted relaxed but stylish feel.

Lisa Wipfli wears this dress so well from essestudio.com. $480AUD My purchase is on pre order!

My love to dream this week is the Loni-Maxi in Salmon by Rachel Gilbert $1599AUD

Evening wear …..

Kate Middleton wears this Carolina Herrera dress beautifully

This is how I rocked some days last week

Zimmermann wide leg pant, Maurie and Eve White Billie Tee, Mavi Jean jacket and Edward Meller shoe

Love these pants Country Road deep v neck sweater in winter white and wax coated camel jeggings, Decjuba Harrow longline cardigan, Tony Bianco tan leather boot and Elms and King New York olive shoulder bag

Country Road silk cammie and deep v neck sweater in winter white, Mura Boutique‘s Gambella skirt, Tony Bianco tan boot and Kompanero Danielle tan leather bag

sportscraft pale blue woollen jumper, Italian Star Denim jeans from White and Co and Witchery white sports shoe

Shout out to …. Maurie and Eve for using the betterpackaging.co postage bags

These postage bags can go in your compost bin and be eaten by the worms or I guess dug into the dirt in the garden or big planter pot. Packaging towards zero world waste. I like it. img_5335

You are unique and that’s your power….

Picture from Faithful The Brand

For all the small breasted girls out there that big breasted girls revel in telling you how little you have, remember whenever you feel negative about having smaller boobs that your friend so kindly just pointed out to you incase you never knew, models do and other smart intelligent kind and incredible people like yourself do. We don’t look at them with distain we look and think they are beautiful people. Who you are makes you most beautiful. Being smart and kind is the height of beautifulness. But that topped with keeping fit and healthy is the package. No one is you, that’s your power!

You are so much more than a set of boobs! Don’t let others affect your day because of a snigger comment made them feel better about themselves. Often those pointing out your small bra cup have bigger circumferences elsewhere you don’t have and in which you are quite happy not to have, and if they lost that extra circumference to the same as yours it would be interesting to see their bra cup size. Just sayin’.

That comment is more about them than you as many unkind remarks are.

Walk with confidence today. Embrace your uniqueness!

If you like this post, follow me. I will build on this series regularly updating this post weekly with more inspirations and on my purchases and what I think of the product on arrival.

Love Lucy x

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    1. I’m loving the revival of the 70’s fashion. I was just a girl in the 70’s. Looking back at photos of my mum in that era she was such a fashionista herself. As a child you are dressed by your parents. I’m enjoying the opportunity of being an adult and reliving the style of the 70’s 😉


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