Thinking luggage

Recently I wrote about booking a holiday to Europe. Since then I’ve joined a couple of travel groups which discuss tips for packing and travelling.

The amount of people who manage to travel with carry on only is surprising, but I do think the American carry on is more than our Australian 7 kilogram (15lb) weight and size of luggage! The main message that’s comes through these sites however is pack lightly as the streets in some places are cobblestones and often a lot of stairs where you may find yourself carrying your luggage.

In the past I admit I pack a large heavy suitcase and there has been times when travelling on public transport this has been tricky even annoying. Ted and I have both thought and said we need to try to pack lighter when on a recent trip. I watched Ted struggle up some stair in a railway station in Japan with my 30kg case and I felt for him.

So I’ve been making a real effort to think about my luggage. The travel group have put me onto the iTunes App, Stylebook. I’ve been enjoying being able to put some outfits together, mix and matching. It’s still a work in progress.

I thought about my current luggage and which I still really like but they are quite large cases and weigh about 4.5 kilograms. (10lb), but I doubted realistically that I could pack for 41 days with the space of a medium case.

I know, there are people who would read this and shake their head, roll their eyes. Believe me, I’ve read numerous accounts of how people do it and I’m really trying my best to lighten the load. One solution was to have a lighter case. Every kilogram counts right? Our large suitcases are bulky. I have travelled on busy public transport in other countries and it can be tricky when you have bulky luggage.

I decided to research cases. My main criteria was its weight. I wanted the lightest case. I liked the idea of the Away brand but when I looked up their weight they were quite heavy. Currently there are many sales on in Melbourne where I live so I settled on the Samsonite Cosmolite large case (93L) which weighs 2.6kg. Half my current 123L case. This Cosmolite case is between a standard medium and large 123L. I thought it may be easier to carry if I need to than the 123L size.

I know crazy to some, this will now be my challenge to pack for my holiday using this size check in case. I want it to be 20 kg or less. I can hear you all laughing at me now saying that’s still way to heavy! In the past my case has weighed 30 kilograms so this is an improvement to previous adventures.

Worried that this 93L case won’t be enough I have invested in another piece of luggage. I love this piece, it will be great for when going on conference/holiday events and I’m thinking I can carry a nice woollen coat in the hanging section that would normally weigh my check case down.

The issue isn’t just check in as internationally I can check in 30 kilograms, it’s more that I may have to lug this around this is why it’s probably called luggage! Anyway I thought this Albert and Hook bag was a beauty!

I’m yet to receive my case and carry on bag in the mail. I’m super excited (Update I have recieved it and the finish and quality is good. )

The Albert and Hook bag is a good medium sized bag so I hope it will be ok as carry on. Its about the size of a Ralph Lauren duffle bag. It fit a knee length woollen coat in the hanging section nicely and when put together still has ample room on the interior for other items. It’s a fabulous idea for someone who travels regularly for a few days for work.

The next thing I want was a new back pack. I’ve decided on the most impractical coloured bag but I like it. If it serves its purpose on my holidays then that’s all I care about. I’m not generally a back pack person but thought this Nordic bag might be handy. It has a USB port and that’s pretty cool.

I can’t wait to get going but I also don’t want to wish away a year of my life so I’m thoroughly enjoying the process of planning.

The flights are booked, the cruise is booked and the Orient Express is booked. So right now I’m planning our thirteen nights in beautiful Italy.

I will be interested when the time arrives just how I go with packing my luggage. How minimalist can this girl go. Can I do it?

I want to pack in a mindset of carry on. I still have to get my head around when travelling and packing, less is more!

I may even be game enough if I nail it to do a little You Tube video as if there isn’t already enough of those little suckers out there, but let’s wait and see. Who knows by the time I head off next March I may completely have changed my game plan! The pressure is well and surely on to pack light.

Love Lucy x

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  1. Hi, thanks for reading my article. We usually arrange transfer with private drivers from airports to accomodation. Last thing I will feel like doing in Rome after a 22 hour trip from Australia will be getting public transport to our hotel😊. Fortunately the only flights we will be on is the international flights there and back. I’m more concerned about travelling from place to place whilst in Italy and London before getting on our cruise.


  2. It certainly is a task and upon reflection there are always one or two items of clothing that were never worn.
    The other problem we face is yeah sure our return flights may
    Include 30kg of luggage but what about the internal flights that need to be booked. Their limit is usually less so then you face the original dilemma of less weight.
    The joys of travelling.
    Have you looked into a private driver to tour Italy? Just a thought. An extra hand with luggage 😜


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