Self Kindness

How important is self love to you! I think I prefer to call it self kindness. Some need it more than others. Often some of us don’t do enough. Most people don’t have an infinite amount of money and with the heavy cost of living, money to spend on ourselves is often low on the list of priorities.

But when we do, how good does it feel. How much better do we feel about ourselves. It’s fact that when we feel good about ourselves we are better people to be around. We are more buoyant, fun, caring, approachable, more giving, accepting, respectful of others and we glow. A quiet confidence exudes from within.

Self love, acts of kindness to ourselves are healthy. People spend their money differently and what would be self love for one person isn’t for another. Females and males would have quite different lists of things they would consider self love.

I’ve been treating myself to some remedial massages. My body is ageing and aching more now. My exercise routine also adds to tight muscles and general aches and pains.

Massages are expensive in Australia so quite a luxury. An hours massage costs $100 where I have gone these last few times. Having someone stretch your back and release tension in your muscles feels wonderful. No one really does this for you like a trained masseuse. I find it very relaxing and just feels incredible.

I have decided whilst I do my 8 week fitness challenge as my reward I will get a massage every 2 weeks. It’s as if I need to justify to myself that it’s ok to spend this money on myself.

For years I have raised children and made sacrifices to give to them. I feel it’s my time now. My time to have some nice things in life. But still it almost feels like it’s wrong to spend my money on something so transient like a massage that in an hour your $100 investment is over.

Is it over really? Or does that massage make me feel better for a few days or more. Does it have a lingering affect. I think it does. It felt good to do something I enjoy.

After the 8 weeks I will reassess it’s affordability. It’s a juggling act for which self kindness acts are higher priority.

Self love can be without spending money. I work part-time. Fortunately for me I can afford to but the extra money from full time work would be nice. I make sacrifices elsewhere in my lifestyle to work part-time. I feel much of my week is taken up with ‘having somewhere to be’, which isn’t a bad thing, but I do feel this can become stressful. I have two days off midweek, Wednesday and Thursday. I have started not organising, if I can, anything for the Wednesday to have one complete free day a week. No time I have to wake up, no time I need to get up, or have breakfast by or be dressed by or out the door by. One full day where I can just be at home feels a luxury. I have found doing this such a stress release.

I love this day. It’s a day to just chill and enjoy my own company and silence at home. It’s a day of calm. A day to catch up on sleep if needed. A day to write a blog if I feel inclined. A day to just go with the flow. I have been finding it very therapeutic. No one to please but me.

Then come Thursday, I plan my out and about day and do all those tasks you can’t do on your work days. Visit the shops, post office, appointments. My week starts again of hustle and bustle until Wednesday rolls around again. Wednesday is my new Sunday!

I think I have a nice balance in my life right now. It feels good. Work keeps me intellectually stimulated and in amongst people from all cultures and socioeconomic groups. It keeps me grounded with the real issues of the world working in the public health system. I have time to spend with family and friends and time to be with myself. I can afford a few luxuries of self kindness at this stage in my life and that’s nice. Enough to treat myself without it being taken for granted. But I’ve also found a way to be kind and unwind that costs nothing. It’s about finding what calms you, relaxes you.

Life has become so busy with 24 hour access to the world via the internet and smart phones and the pace of life in general. Take time, become mindful of your what creates calm in your life and embrace it. Allow self kindness. The people you know and interact with you will also benefit.

What’s your top priority act of kindness you make sure you do for yourself? It may be ensure you get enough sleep.

Love Lucy x

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