A Romantic Boracay Wedding #destinationwedding

Romance and Boracay. January 2018 we travelled to the Philipines for a wedding at the Shangri La, Boracay. It was beautiful. You couldn’t ask for a nicer wedding on a tropical island. The Shangri La is a 5 star beautiful resort. Separate from the main shops and other hotels in Boracay you feel like you are in a paradise.

Boracay is accessed via boat. As a guests travelling to the Shangi La, there’s a designated indoor waiting area apart from the rest of Boracays visitors.

After a 10 minute boat trip you arrive at the Shangri La resort and greeted by the drums

As you approach the foyer to check in you are reassured by its ambiance that you’ve chosen the right place to stay.

If staying at the Shangri-La it will not be a cheap holiday. We stayed in the standard rooms and the cost was approximately $500AU per night

it’s not the rooms you are paying for but the resort and all it has to offer. It’s private beach

It’s gardens

The pools

The day spa

It’s activities

Indoors and out. Water sports, Pilates, water aerobics, and nature walks.

The poolside bars and those with a view and restaurants and very reasonably priced cocktails.

The buffet breakfast, restaurants and very reasonably priced cocktails.

Whilst within the Shangri-La Resort you live like kings and queens. It’s beautiful. There’s a resort bus that takes you to Boracay main shopping and public beach area. The third world nature of the Philipines is very apparent.

We however enjoyed the markets and beautiful public beach

But the main reason we came to Boracay was for a wedding and I would have to say for a destination tropical wedding it couldn’t be more perfect.

It was a fairy tale wedding .

In my opinion this was a beautifully perfect place to have a destination tropical wedding but as a developing country to holiday in it’s quite expensive compared to the likes of Thailand, Vietnam and Bali.

When leaving the Philipines the Manila International Airport once through customs it offers very little in the way of food or duty free shopping. If you have a long wait for your flight I’d recommend you remain out of the international terminal area if you require a meal.

We flew Philipines airlines and were very happy with them.

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