Adelaide City for a Day

Historically Adelaide has been known as the city of churches. I don’t know a lot about architecture but I know what’s pleasing to my eye. Adelaide has retained a lot of it period architecture. I find it interesting that these ornate building are those that we photograph. Contemporary modern building unless something extraordinary don’t seem to wow me as much. You enter them and they are often abound with light filled spaces in which we look and admire but the charm and the workmanship of the older buildings is what I truly seem to admire.

It’s the stone work, brick work, wood, and lead light windows that give charm and grandness and the surrounding manicured gardens that really sets these buildings apart.

Over the generations different architectural styles have come and gone but I still believe it’s the building that were built when cities were being established that have really stood the test of time. The glass, concrete and steel buildings blend together in a mismatch of time warps.

Draftsmen and Architects probably would scoff at me and say I know nothing and I may not. This is only my opinion of course.

Adelaide reminds me a lot of Melbourne. Perth unfortunately doesn’t have as many of these charming buildings, nor does Canberra from what I’ve seen.

The University of South Australia neighbours the University of Adelaide. Both are beautiful structures. University of South Australia

We wandered in through the main doors and this is what we saw

As I walked around I wondered if the students truely appreciated their learning environment. The days of painting the University heads has long past. The Brookman Hall had paintings surrounded the wall of its leaders and and now photographs are displayed of the modern Deans and scholars. The photos don’t quite have the same presence and it’s a shame portrait paints are no longer done.

This portrait was particularly good .

It’s the face on this man. His personality is captured. I felt like I almost know him.

A building at the University of Adelaide

Elder Hall

The Museum

Adelaide is a lovely city. When I was there is was the Christmas festivity time. We wandered past a busker playing the didgeridoo. It was great and made me feel very patriotic. The Aborigines and didgeridoo is Australian to the core.

The stonework of a Parliament House is interesting as is this stone wall we walked past below…..

….. and in this building above.

It’s only fair I add this newer building as it is also very impressive.

I’d really recommend a walk around the city of Adelaide.

Love Lucy

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