Adolescents, Young Adults, Illicit Drugs, Alcohol, Gambling and Tobacco. Keeping our kids alive.

Sometime kids from good homes get caught up in these soul destroying monsters. Great parents and good kids can find themselves in this world. The world of addiction. Illicit drugs, gambling, alcohol, tobacco. Throughout my career I have seen how addiction has ruined lives, not only the person addicted but their friends and families as... Continue Reading →

Balloon Day. A Two Year Old Boy.

Life throws us curve balls but how we react is upto the individual. Having a positive life is about conscious effort. It's embracing all the disappointments and growing within to consciously make a choice to be happy, do right, having a good life pulling on all you have learnt to help you be a better person. Choose happiness not resentment or bitterness. The world owes you nothing. Each of us is responsible for our own health and happiness despite what has happened in our lives that was out of our control. It's how you go on that matters.

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