A need for improved infrastructure to support parents with disabilities and for the collection of concrete data on children born to parents with disabilities to assist government planning and policy.

What does the current data show us. That's the problem, there is no current concrete figures on women with disabilities accessing maternity care, birth outcomes, pregnancy complications and whether adequate infrastructures are in place for best birth outcomes and minimise removal rates. Removal rates are sketchy and studies on this matter insufficient in relevance to... Continue Reading →

Trying to Bust Misconceptions Around Disability

I have worked as a Midwife specializing in maternity care of women living with a disability for 16 years and I am speaking from years of experience of delivering care to women with disabilities in a multi cultral society and a major city hospital environment amongst multidisciplinary health professionals and administrative staff. I have witnessed first... Continue Reading →

What I know about women living with disabilities from my experience working in a public maternity hospital – The statistics!

It is estimated that about one billion people globally (15% of the world's population) live with a disability. The 2015 Australian Bureau of statistics (ABS ) report estimated that there are 4.3 million people living with disability in Australia. The survey indicated that just under 18.6% of all females in Australia live with a disability.... Continue Reading →

Considerations for Health Professionals Caring for Pregnant Women Living with a Disability.

I commenced my training in General Nursing in 1983 and have been a Registered Nurse since completing my course in 1986 and a Registered Midwife for the past 30 years as well. I gained many years experience in emergency nursing and then moved my focus to maternity care for women living with a disability for... Continue Reading →

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