Love, Death, Grief, Life, relationships And Blogging

I started writing a blog with the purpose to share my story of grief and life after the death of my husband. I was new to blogging, not necessarily new to social media therefore having some idea about this technology. I didn’t know however to find a forum to put myself out there.

Where do you write a blog? What is a blog even I asked myself, I had sort of heard about them. My friend Jenn encouraged me to do this so I decided to get involved. I asked Harley my daughters boyfriend who I viewed as knowledgeable in these things. I did some googling. And found myself hooking up with WordPress. I paid a small fee and found myself with what I think is a domain name, I don’t think I consciously chose this name, but I was ok with it. I followed the promps and named my blog – Ted Loves Lucy. And that’s how I got started.

I wrote my first blog When death comes knocking at your door on some idle Tuesday afternoon.

I still have so much to learn about WordPress and other such sites. I peruse the reader section and discover section which often comes up with the same blogs over and over. So today I typed in the search section ‘grief‘ just to see what came up. It came up with a number of articles that had the word grief in their title. My blog initially centred around grief and moving forwards so I looked to see if any of my blogs were to be found, I couldn’t see after scrolling quite a long way down. None of my blog titles have the word grief in them and noticed all these I was scrolling through did have. Perhaps I don’t have the traffic to rate a mention. I asked myself is that why I can’t see any of my blogs or is it they won’t come up because I’m the author and it’s showing other authors. I really have no idea. I type other words into the search like love and death, travel, even exercise, still I don’t see any of my blogs.

It gets me wondering how do people see your blog. Is it just sheer luck. How in this big pot of bloggers do bloggers get viewed.

Various information articles pop up to read about WordPress but as I’m a generation to late for all the language around blogging, I find it hard to navigate. My profession isn’t one where I work in IT and where through natural nature of the job have learnt what feels to me, like a language of its own. It’s a learning curve for me. Good on me for giving it a go I say!

I’ve just read an article on, ‘is blogging dying’. Have I jumped on the band wagon way to late? Are people not interested in personal blogging now. Am I not a ‘serious’ enough blogger?

What are the thoughts of other bloggers. Do you call yourself a blogger and why do you blog?

I question do I continue, is it worth continuing. Should I just buy a diary and write in that and file it away for the family to read sometime after I’m gone from this life. Right now, I’m just enjoying writing so I will continue. I enjoy putting my thoughts in print. It’s still creating a series of writings my family may one day choose to read to find out more about what my thoughts on the world were. A bit like an open diary.

I’d love to hear from all of you not even bloggers about your thoughts on the topic. I’m genuinely curious to hear why you blog and how you have found the experience and for readers why you like reading blogs. Please please comment.

Love Lucy x

4 thoughts on “Love, Death, Grief, Life, relationships And Blogging

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  1. I’m with you on not understanding exactly how it works, and I’m only 31. But yes- good for you for doing it! I, for one, enjoy your stuff. And I found you on reader. 🙂


    1. Thank you, it’s really nice reading your comment. I just keep tapping on things and discovering how things work slowly but surely. It’s all a bit of fun. And it’s great to connect with others like yourself 🙂

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